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D&S has released its latest report on the activities of its #ImprovingLives corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities with Group Chairman Alec Davis noting in the foreword that the initiative has had an active 1st half of 2021,

completing 87 projects which have benefitted over 124,000 lives. 46 of these projects involved combating the threat of Covid-19 in schools and disadvantaged communities in 26 counties across Kenya as with increased access to water, and availability of handwashing stations, people have the means to combat viral transmission. Another success story of the initiative has been the provision of Dayliff Solar Pumping systems of which 30 have been completed this year and have resulted in free and clean energy to increase and improve access to water to schools and deprived communities. Harnessing the abundant power of the sun to power borehole and irrigation pumps is both environmentally friendly and, crucially, sustainable for community projects. Visit to read the interesting 48-page report in either flipbook or pdf versions.