UltraSun UFD Flatplate

Ultrasun UFD Flatplate solar hot water systems are established and effective heaters that provide excellent performance, good value and guaranteed long life. They are of Open Loop thermosyphon type with the water flow circulating through the collectors and being stored in the tank ready for use. Features include:-

  • A heavy-duty tank that features a resin insulated totally weatherproof GRP casing, a heavy-duty galvanized cylinder internally piped to optimize hot water availability and magnesium sacrificial anode for cathodic corrosion protection.
  • Solar collectors that incorporate full area copper absorption plates ultrasonically welded to copper circulation tubes, high specification insulation and tempered security glass to provide energy absorption of up to 95%.
  • Low thermal conductivity high specification plastic collector tank connection piping with silver foil coated polystyrene insulation jackets.
  • Connection piping that includes an incoming non-return valve, a thermosyphon diverter valve controlling max water temperature to 60 C to avoid scalding on hot days, pressure release valve and drain cock. All fittings are provided from the inlet to the outlet for simple installation.
  • Galvanized mounting frame.

Ultrasun UFD Flatplate solar water systems are available in various tank sizes and collector configurations to suit domestic and small-scale institutional applications. They are effective and robust products designed for many years of trouble-free operation with a 5-year guarantee to demonstrate the product quality. With the benefits of progressive design and high-quality components, they are the ideal solution for all solar water heating applications.

Operating Conditions
Water Quality: Water outside the following limits should be appropriately pre-treated:
Direct: Clarity: clear, TDS: <600mg/l, Hardness: <200mg/l CaCo3Saturation Index: >0.8<1.0
Indirect: Clarity: clear, TDS: <1500mg/l Hardness:<400mg/l CaCo3 Saturation Index: >0.8<1.0
Test Pressure: Tank - 5Bar, Collector - 10Bar
Max Operating Pressure: 3.5Bar
Max Flow Rate: 2m³/hr


System tank size (litres) 160 220 320
Typical Household (people) 5 7 10
Collector Model 1xFCP1.7 1xFCP2.4 1xFCP2.4 2xFCP1.7 1xFCP3.0 2xFCP2.4
Collector area (m³) 1.7 2.4 2.4 3.4 3 4.8
Collector weight (kg) 25 38 38 50 48 76
Collector fluid capacity(litres) 1.2 1.5 1.5 2.4 1.7 3
Max. heat output/Day (kWhrs) 9 14 14 20 18 29
Min. heat output/Day (kWhrs) 6 10 10 14 12 19
Dimensions (mm) A 800 800 800 1760 800 1760
B 1920 1890 1890 1920 2440 1890
C 2620 2590 2590 2620 3140 2590
D 2780 2780 2780 2780 2780 2780
E 600 600 600 600 600 600
F 700 700 700 700 700 700
Empty weight (kg) 93 110 135 156 180 214
Full weight (kg) 253 270 355 376 490 534


  1. Standard output systems (S Models) should be used in hot locations and high output systems (L Models) in more temperature ones. However hot water availability will vary throughout the year depending on prevailing irradiation levels and electric boosters may be necessary on cooler days.
  2. Maximum heating output based on average irradiation levels of 6000W/m²/day prevailing in September-March and minimum Heating output is based on average irradiation levels of 4000W/m²/day prevailing in June/July and for indicative purposes only