Pool Fittings

Skimmers are important accessories for the removal of floating debris on free board type pools and should be installed on the basis of one per 40-60m² of pool area. Two options are available:

Dayliff: Two models are available, standard mouth flap type and slim line skimmers both moulded from ABS
Certikin: A premium quality wide mouth collar weir type skimmer moulded from ABS

Model Dimensions(mm)
Certikin 365 430 600 154]
Dayliff STD 405 416 484 467
Dayliff Slim Line 539 484 634 148
Quality 250 480 430 194

Two tubular ladder types are available, Dayliff and Certikin both made from 42mm polished stainless steel. Dayliff is available in two designs Standard and Club. Ladders are supplied complete with stainless steel treads, anchor sockets and rubber end pads and are available in two, three and four step configurations. Other designs and tread types are available on special order.

Model Dimensions
DAYLIFF STD 580 720 250 1300 1550 1800 170 -
CERTIKIN STD 672 620 1450 1710 1970 180 -
DAYLIFF CLUB 600 720 1300 1550 1800 170 280

Suctions Outlets
A selection of suction outlets are available, either the chamber type with integral grilles for casting into the pool floor or gratings for covering precast sumps.

Suction Chambers: PVC moulded chamber with screwed grilles cover. Three types are available, the HSA800, HD33 and HD33D with anti-vortex gratings. Recommended maximum flow is 13m³/hr for Certiikin and 33m³/hr for Dayliff.

Model Dimensions(mm)
Certikin HD33 220 150
Dayliff 200BH 193 200

Dayliff Suction Gratings: GRP Suction gratings available in 300mm and 450mm sizes.

Various Certikin inlets are offered for both wall and floor applications, all being suitable for up to 5m³/hr flow rates.

Wall Inlet: Moulded PVC with 1½” internal and 2” external BSP threads and fitted with adjustable eyeball flow director. Inlets are available either loose or with a 450mm pvc connecting pipe and water bar for easy fitting in the pool wall.
Vacuum Outlet: A standard inlet body fitted with a screwed cover
Floor Inlet: Two options are offered in rectangular and circular designs. Both can also be used as gutter and surround drains. Outlet connection is 50mm.

Deck Level Grilles
Dayliff grilles are specially designed to cover the overflow channels in Deck Level pools and due to the central tongue and socket connection are suitable for both straight and curved edges. They are made from hard wearing moulded plastic and are available in five standard colours (blue, white, sand brown, terracota red and grey) and two widths (200 and 250mm). Also available are GRP spacer corner pieces for corners. Due to the grilles strength no special channel edging is necessary, and they should be supported by a counter sunk recess moulded in the channel rim.

Lane Markers
Anti-wave racing lane dividers made from 150mm diameter UV stabilized high density polyethylene discs assembled on stainless steel cable with end tensioners. Standard length is 25m long for half olympic pools, longer lengths available on request.

A mobile stainless steel roller is also available to store the lane markers with capacity to carry 6x25m lengths.

Stainless steel 32mm handrails with blanked ends available in standard lengths of 3m and 6m or alternatively sized to order suitable for straight walls only.

Starting Blocks
A one step stainless steel starting block with antislip platform for use with lane markers.