HUAWEI SUN2000 Series

HUAWEI SUN Series Smart String Grid Connect Inverters are of transformerless design for the management of hybrid solar powered PV/AC mains power supply installations. The inverters convert the PV generated DC power to AC, either single or three phase depending on model, and feed to the applied load prioritizing the PV output, supplementing with AC mains power if there is insufficient PV generated output. Inverters are fitted with MPPT trackers to optimise output efficiency and they are designed to be connected in parallel each fed from dedicated solar arrays that can provide power outputs of limitless size. WIFI monitoring devices and Huawei Smartlogger are also provided for monitoring and controlling the power to the grid.
Particular features include:-

  • Up to 10 MPPT Trackers
  • 98.8% maximum efficiency
  • 1-phase and 3-phase inverters up to 10kW come with a battery interface for back-up power and are compatible with Huawei Smart ESS (LiFEPO4) Battery 5kWh – 30kWh
  • MBUS Supported - a communication protocol used between meters and the central data collection system or Pre-Payment unit.
  • Fuse free design with AC over current, undervoltage, short-circuit and DC/AC Surge protection
  • Provided with Anti-Islanding and DC reverse polarity protection and Insulation Monitoring
  • EN/IEC 62109-1, EN/IEC 62109-2, IEC 62116 Certifications.

Enclosure Class: IP65
Operating Temp Range: -25° to + 60°C
Night time Power Consumption: <5.5W

The following additional accessories are available as options:-

  • HUAWEI Smart Logger 3000A with MBUS communication: The Huawei Smart Logger 3000A is dedicated to monitoring and managing a PV power generating system. It can connect to 80 devices >40kW and centrally monitors information regarding connected solar modules and inverters. Works as export limiter with SmartPower Sensor and other 3rd party meters
  • Smart Dongle-WLAN_FE: WLAN & Fast Ethernet (FE) communication Module that supports Huawei Inverters and serves as export limiter with SmartPower Sensor. Can be connected to upto 10No. devices <40kW

HUAWEI SUN Inverters incorporate the latest technologies for optimal PV power generation providing highly efficient, safe & reliable installations with smart operating and grid supporting capabilities that optimizes solar energy utilization in Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications.

Enclosure Class:
Operating Temp Range: -25° to + 60°C
Night time Power Consumption:

Model SUN 2000 3KTL-L1 SUN 2000 3KTL-M1 SUN 2000 5KTL-M1 SUN 2000 10KTL-M1 SUN 2000 15KTL-M2 SUN 2000 20KTL-M3 SUN 2000 30KTL-M3 SUN 2000 36KTL-M3 SUN 2000 50KTL-M0 SUN 2000 60KTL-M0 SUN 2000 100KTL-M0 SUN 2000 115KTL-M2 SUN 2000 330KTL-H1
Max. Output & Rated
Output Power
3,300  3,300 5,500 10,000 15,000   30,000 36,000 50,000 60,000 100,000 115,000 330,000
Input AC Voltage, VAC 1x240 3x415
Max. PV Input Power, W 4,500 4,500 7,500 15,000 22,500 30,000 N/A
Max. PV Input Voltage, VDC 600 1,100 1,080 1,100 1,500
Operating Voltage Range,
90-560 140-980 160-950 200-1000 500-1500
Rated Input Voltage, VDC 360 600 600@400Vac 1080
Start Voltage, VDC 100 200 550
Number of MPPT Inputs 2 8 12 10 6
Maximum Input Current per MPPT, A 12.5 11 22 26 22 26 30 65
Maximum Output Current, A 15 5.1 8.5 16.9 25.2 33.5 43.3 52 72.2A @400V 95.3A @400V 160.4@400V 160.0@400V 216.6A
Rated Output Voltage, Vac 240V 230Vac/400Vac,3W/N+PE 400V/480V, 3W+(N)+PE 800V,3W+PE
Backup Power Output Yes, via Back-up Box N/A
Peak Efficiency, %  97.3 98.3 98.1 98.2 98.3 98.7 98.6 99
Dimensions (DxWxH) mm 365x365x156 525x470x146.5 525x470x262 640x530x270 1075x555x300 1035X700X365 1048X732X395
Net Weight, Kgs 12 17 25 43 74 90 93 112