The Dayliff DDV well pump is a unique design of submersible pump specially applicable for water supply from domestic wells. The pump is of positive displacement type using a vibrating diaphragm which is efficient and also has the capacity to handle light silt loads. Of compact construction and robust design, the pump is also easily disassembled for maintenance and is securely installed by suspension on a rope in the well.

Pump construction is aluminum throughout, the diaphragm being made of rubber.

Pumps are fitted to a continuously rated electric motor. They should be connected to single phase power supply through a fuse or MCB.

Enclosure Class: IP68
Insulation Class: B
Voltage : 1X240V
Speed: 2900rpm

Pumped liquids: Thin, clean, sweet liquids containing light silt loads.
Liquid temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Max. Operating Pressure: 8 bar
Max. Immersion Depth: 3m


Model> Input Power(kW)> Outlet(") Weight(kg)
DDV60 0.25 ½ 4