CR Series pumps are of non self priming multistage centrifugal impeller design suitable for light, higher pressure water transfer applications. They are also particularly quiet in operation and suitable for automatic pressure supply installations using either a surge tank or Pedrollo ‘Easy small’ controller.

Pump construction is 'Noryl' technoplastic impeller and stages with a stainless steel pump body except 5CRm100 which is made of stainless steel impellers and pump body and diffuser in Norly

Pumps are close-coupled to a TEFC brushless induction motor designed for continuous operation. A thermal relay is provided in the windings to protect against electrical and mechanical overload and the pump can be connected directly to the mains power supply through a 10amp fuse or MCB.

Enclosure Class: IPX4
Insulation Class: F
Standard Voltage: 1 x 240V
Speed: 2900rpm

Pumped liquid: Thin, clean, chemically non-aggressive liquids without abrasive particles or fibres
MAX. Operating Pressure:7bar
Max. Fluid Temperature: +40°C
Max. Ambient Temperature: +40°C
Max. Suction Lift: 7m (at sea level)


Model Power (kW) Current (A) DN1 DN2 Dimensions(mm) Weight (kg)
2CRm80X 0.37 2.1 1 1 182 367 182 6.3
3CRm60X 0.55 3.7 8
4CRm80X 392 7.4
5CRm100 1.1 6.3 410 12.5