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New products from Davis & Shirtliff
New products are the life blood of any organization and the D&S Technical Division under Director Philip Holi have been busy developing various new innovations that are now ready for distribution throughout the D&S network.

In the area of advanced pump control, the new Dayliff Pumpverter is a variable frequency drive (VFD) control system ideal for a wide range of residential and industrial water supply applications. The compact and versatile units use smart technology to vary pump motor speed to match demand that gives optimum performance at maximum efficiency.

From Water Treatment Division new Dayliff BRO/UF models have been developed as a range of robust and affordable skid-mounted water treatment plants capable of delivering potable water to WHO standards. With increasing demand for high capacity solar water pumping and grid connect installations, a range of larger and more efficient Dayliff monocrystalline solar PV modules have been introduced. Offered in 400W and 535W sizes, and with high conversion efficiencies of up to 21.8% achieved through the use of half-cell technology, the new modules perform well under extreme temperature and low light conditions.

The Pools Division has introduced pre-assembled slimline swimming pool packages in attractive contemporary designs and constructed from hard-wearing and corrosion resistant polypropylene panels. The economical and innovative solution offers several advantages over traditional masonry pools including rapid installation and leak resistance. All products and solutions are now available from all D&S branches across the region.