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David Gatende handing over baton to George Mbigua as D&S turns 76

My journey of 26 years with this great company has led me to taking up the responsibility as Group CEO with effect from June 2022. It has been a wonderful experience to see and participate in the growth the company has achieved over these years, and a high honour and a privilege to be asked to lead such a world-class and important business.

I’ve met and worked with many great leaders and colleagues in the markets we operate in - in the continent over the years, and so I know the hard work and dedication which is a hallmark of this business. I’m extremely proud to be leading a team of over 1,000 talented and committed people to the next phase of our definitive development. As part of our Corporate DNA we have always been Improving Lives everywhere we go, and we will continue to do so by providing two of the most critical factors of life – water and energy across Africa.

I feel honored by the opportunity to contribute towards further building this world class organization that solves important problems for and addresses critical needs of Africa’s people, and is therefore a significant player in the economic development of our continent.
I would like to celebrate the partnerships that have enabled this growth, starting with our people across the Group, and followed by our customers, suppliers, service providers as well as other organizations and stakeholders with whom we share and pursue the organization’s purpose. I thank the Group’s leadership for believing in me, most especially the Group Chairman Alec Davis. I would also like to appreciate those in and outside the D&S family who in many ways have played a role towards building me to be the person I am today. A special tribute goes to my predecessor David Gatende. In his 37-year career at Davis & Shirtliff, he has been a key figure in making Davis & Shirtliff the business it is today, and in his time as Chief Executive he has steered the business through the toughest conditions the sector has ever experienced – the Covid-19 pandemic. I would like to also thank him personally for the very professional way he has managed the transition.

As we move into the future, I look forward to an excellent, satisfying, and effective engagement with our people as we pull together to accomplish the job at hand, and thereby grow together. I am certain that with a relentless focus on our customers and a preparedness to challenge ourselves and take bold decisions we can retain our market leadership and position as the customers’ champion all across Africa.

Thank you!