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Under Managing Director Jonathan Mainga, D&S Zambia continues to prioritize bringing the D&S range of products and solutions closer to those who will benefit from them with its latest initiative being a new D&S branch, D&S Zambia's eighth, at Mkushi.

Situated in Zambia's Central Province, Mkushi is a town located on the Great North Road and the Tazara railway, northeast of Kapiri Mposhi with nearby landmarks including the Changewa Falls and Fort Elwes, a place made famous by European gold prospectors in the early 20th century. Known as a center for commercial farming, the area has a robust local economy based on agricultural production and export. Newly appointed Branch manager, Torsten Bulaya, has successfully overseen implementation of the showroom and has already set about making the newest addition to the D&S Zambia branch network a success.