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D&S Head Office on Dundori Road is pictured as fire fighters bring the neighbouring blaze under control.

D&S Head Office on Dundori Road in Nairobi's Industrial Area recently experienced considerable fire damage that was caused by a conflagration at a neighbouring company specializing in tyre manufacture. Managing Director Dr MAS Waweru, Commercial Director Edward Davis and HR Manager Stephen Angila rushed to the scene in the early hours to direct critical fire-fighting efforts to contain the blaze and prevent it from spreading through D&S's 9,000 square meter complex of buildings.

Despite the intensity of the oil-fueled fire, service provider G4S and Nairobi City County Fire Brigade worked tirelessly all night to bring the inferno under control and D&S' facility was declared safe in time for normal business reopening to occur at 8am. The incident points to the importance of adequate preparedness, planning and protocols for disaster management as well as effective fire suppression systems in order to preserve life and limit damage to property in times of crisis.