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A selection of the digitally integrated Dayliff range of products

Dayliff, the brand of Davis & Shirtliff, can trace its origins back to the 1970s when it was first applied to engineered water treatment systems and various swimming pool chemicals and accessories. Subsequently in 2008, the decision was taken to strengthen the company's position by launching a comprehensive range of water pumps and associated items that offered customers unrivaled choice, availability, value and support from the D&S Group.

Now featuring over forty-five distinct product groups, well packaged Dayliff products occupy market leading positions in all the company's segments of activity including surface and submersible pumps, solar solutions, water treatment, swimming pools, power generation and irrigation items. With a particular focus on Africa, Dayliff continues to offer quality solutions at a reasonable price with recent notable innovations including the expanded range of sustainable solar pumping products designated as Sunflo, Sunflex, Sunverter and Suntower.

In addition to this, D&S continues to offer customized engineered solutions under the Dayliff brand including Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration plants and advanced pumping and fire sets. Digital development is also a key focus with remote control monitoring service iDayliff, the Dayliff App and sizing programs Solarcalc and Pumpcalc being examples of recent innovations that enrich and add value to the customer experience. Dayliff is now a very well recognized and respected regional brand and it will continue to drive the D&S Group's growth into the future.