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Improving Lives Report

The D&S Group has for many years prioritized participation in many community-based initiatives involving the donation of water and energy equipment for the benefit of the disadvantaged in society, particularly children. 2020, a difficult year for so many people across the region due to the debilitating effects of the global pandemic, presented an opportunity for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team under Director Edward Davis and Co-prdinator Nur Riday

, to upscale their efforts significantly to meet the rising call for assistance from disadvantaged groups. Over the course of the year, a record 140 projects were executed for the benefit of over 485,000 people by the company and its partners marking an all-time high level of activity in this vital area. In recognition of this achievement, CSR activities at the Group have now been re-launched as The Improving Lives Initiative and are catalogued in more detail in the recently published #ImprovingLives Report H2 2020 now available to view at and the D&S FLO app.

Click here to view the report.