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Participants of the conference are pictured at the end of the successful session at the HO Dayliff Training Centre.

Appropriately themed 'Adapting to the New World', this year's D&S Group Management Conference succeeded in upholding the vital traditions of D&S key staff coming together with appropriate adaptation to the new normal of the COVID era.

A small group of Executives attended physically at Head Office, though participation was largely virtual and the event was the most inclusive, economical and wide-ranging yet with over 200 delegates from across the group benefiting from the input and discussion.

The conference program included a record seven guest speakers who lent their unique perspectives on the present global situation with particularly notable contributions being made by Professor Lief Sjoblom from IMD Business School, who is preparing a case study on D&S and business guru John Ngumi who put the crisis into context and looked into the future. Organized by CEO David Gatende, the conference also included the traditions of the Chairman's and CEO's presentations as well as Awards for managers and Business Units of the year.