Frequently Asked Questions about Water Pumps, Borehole, Swimming Pools, Geberators etc...

What does total head mean?
Simply put, it is the sum of the pressure required to use the pump and the pressure drops in the system. (I.e H = h1 +h2 + pressure across) (Click here to view the illustration)

What is a Head?
Head is a unit of pressure measured in meters / feet. The pressure of water can be measured by the vertical column the water will take when put in an enclosed unit

What is the capacity (Q) of a pump?

  • The capacity Q is the volume of moved liquid delivered by a pump in the time unit. And usually is measured in:
  • litres per second (l/s);
  • litres per minute (l/min);
  • cubic meters per hour (m³/h);
  • Imperial gallons per minute (Imp.gpm) or
  • US gallons per minute ( US gpm).
  • It reduces if the pump works in a cavitation situation

What’s the difference between a Well and a Borehole?
A well is a boring into the ground, usually achieved by manual extraction / digging of soil, and is usually wider than a borehole in diameter. A borehole is a boring into the ground, achieved by machine extraction (drilling) of soil, and usually has a smaller diameter and can be substantially deeper.

Do you drill Boreholes?
The company does not and has not at any time drilled boreholes and chooses to concentrate in the supply and installation of borehole pumps and related accessories