Giving back to local communities has been a commitment of Davis & Shirtliff since its founding in 1946...


Matungulu Girls Secondary school, an extra county school in Machakos County, had been experiencing severe water shortage for a prolonged period. The school, with an enrollment of almost 2,000 girls, has had to endure a treacherous 3 year period where the students trekked 3 ½ kms to source water.

While water is essential for all lives, it is even more critical at a girls’ institution, where personal hygiene is a key issue. The long walk in search of water also posed a security risk for the students and used up precious time that should have been allocated to studying. In light of these conditions, the school approached the County Government of Machakos, who sponsored the drilling of a borehole whose yield was enough not only for the school’s consumption, but also for the local community. Matungulu Girls then partnered with the D&S #ImprovingLives Initiative in the equipping the borehole with a solar powered Dayliff pump delivering over 2,000 liters of water per hour. The presence of adequate water now makes it easy for the students to be able to dedicate their time to studying and in turn, will result in enhanced performance and productivity.