Sungrid Inverters

Dayliff SUNGRID are transformerless inverters for the management of hybrid solar powered PV/AC mains power supply installations. The inverters convert the PV generated DC power to AC, either single or threephase depending on model, and feed to the applied load prioritising the PV output, supplementing with AC mains power if there is insufficient PV generated output for the load. Inverters are fitted with MPPT trackers to optimise output efficiency and single-phase units are fitted with an inbuilt export limit function that prevents excess PV power being transmitted to the grid. Three phase units require an external controller.

SUNGRIDs are designed to be connected in parallel each fed from dedicated solar arrays that can provide power outputs of limitless size. Wi-fi connectivity is provided that enables remote monitoring and data transmission.

Particular features include:-

  • LCD screen and LED status indicator display. 3 phase has multifunction buttons for ease of operation and maintenance
  • RS232/WIFI/GPRS external remote monitoring options.
  • Built in protection including DC reverse polarity, short circuit, output over current, over voltage, insulation resistance monitoring, residual current detection, surge protection, anti-island protection and over-temperature protection.
  • Dayliff SUNGRID are lightweight and compact in size with high overload capacity, high PV energy consumption efficiency, excellent thermal performance and low maintenance needs and are an ideal solution to the application of PV power generation for hybrid PV/mains supply power supply systems.

Technical Specifications

Max. Output & Rated Power (VA/W) SUNGRID 3000M SUNGRID 5000M SUNGRID 5000T SUNGRID 8000T SUNGRID 10000T SUNGRID 15000T SUNGRID 20000T SUNGRID 30000T
Input AC Voltage (VAC) 240 415
Max PV Input Power (W) 3900 6500 6500 9600 12000 18000 24000 36000
Max. PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 500 900 1000
PV Array MPPT Voltage Range (VDC) 100-500 200-850 200-960
Start Voltage (VDC) 150 200
No. of MPPT Inputs 1 2 3
Max. Input Current (A) 12.5 25 2x13 2x25 3x25
Rated Output Current (A) 13 21.5 7.2 11.6 14.4 21.7 28.9 43.3
Max. Output Current (A) 15 25 7.9 12.7 15.8 23.9 31.8 47.6
Rated Output Voltage (VAC) 230 400
Putput Voltage Rannge (VAC) 170-280 323-480
Peak Efficiency (%) 97.6 98.1 98.2
Dimensions (DxWxH)mm 350x160x350 350x160x390 355x190x450 410x210x528 476x258x653.5
Net Weight (kg) 12 14.5 18 26 28 44