Steca Fridges

Steca PF Solar Refrigerators are highly efficient DC energy saving refrigerators specially designed for off-grid solar powered applications including medical clinics, camps and residential homes. They can be used as either refrigerators or freezers due to the fully programmable temperature control and offer the following features:-

  • Require a single Solar Module
  • 12VDC and 24VDC power input with automatic selection
  • Automatic temperature control with adjustable thermostat
  • Inbuilt protection against reverse polarity
  • Automatic low voltage disconnection and reconnection
  • Battery power and temperature display
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean with a bottom drain plug
  • Lockable lid with interior light
  • Internal baskets to separate fridge contents

Due to the latest A++ cooling technology in combination with optimized electronic regulation and compressor speed control, Steca refrigerators provide optimal use of energy which results in lower input power requirements. They are also user-friendly due to a large digital display with setting options and feature the highest standards of quality, reliability and long service life.

Technical Specifications

Model PF 166 PF 240
Storage Volume (Litres) 166 240
Refrigerator Temperature +2° to +12°C
Freezer Temperature +10° to -12°C
Power Supply 12/24VDC
Nominal Solar Power Requirements 80W 120W
Battery Size Requirements 100Ah 150Ah
Charge Controller Requirements 10A 15A
DC Input Voltage 10VDC - 17VDC (17VDC - 31.5VDC)
DC Reconnection Voltage (LVR) 11.7 VDC (24.2VDC)
DC Deep Discharge Protection (LVD) 10.4 VDC(22.8VDC)
Operating Ambient Temperature +10° to +43°C
Hanging Baskets 2
Freezer Trays 3
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 917x872x709 1288x919x760
Weight (kg) 47 62