BUF4 Ultrafiltration

DAYLIFF BUF4 Ultrafiltration plants are highly effective, easy to operate and simple to maintain systems that offer the ideal solution for small and medium scale water treatment requirements. Their particular application is for the removal of particles, colloidal material, sand, organic and inorganic polymeric particles. They are particularly suitable for the treatment of polluted surface waters from dams, rivers, reservoirs etc. as well as wastewater recovery. The process will not remove dissolved salts including sodium, calcium and chlorides and so is not suited to the treatment of groundwater with high TDS levels. Standard models are suitable for low turbidity (up to 15NTU) raw water applications.

Systems are frame mounted and supplied as complete units with all necessary accessories and controls for simple integration with the flow process. They offer the following features:-

  • Fully automated plant operation including normal filtration and backwash cycle with solenoid valve activation.
  • High efficiency single Dayliff feed/backwash/cleaning pump with integral Brio pump controller for auto-switching and dry run protection.
  • 120-micron pre-filter.
  • Integrated CIP/Cleaning/Backwash/Flushing tank.
  • System monitoring instruments including product flow meter and pressure gauges.
  • Skid mounted for simple installation.

DAYLIFF BUF4 systems provide a high performance, high efficiency treatment process that produces fully potable water without chemical additions. The process uses low energy consumption and provides consistent quality without frequent operational intervention. Due to the efficiency of the membranes, it also offers considerable savings over conventional systems and is the ideal solution where potable water is required.

Operating Pressure: 0.2 - 2bar
Maximum Feed Pressure: 3 Bar
Maximum Operating Trans Membrane Pressure (TMP): 2 Bar
Chlorine Tolerance: 100 ppm
Max Operating Temp: 45° C
Operating pH Range: 2-12
Raw Water Quality: TurbidityTreated Water Quality: <0.2μm
Recovery Range: 95-98% depending on raw water quality.
Backwash Frequency: Every 20-60mins

A raw water analysis should be provided to establish the extent of pre-treatment necessary.

  BUF4/40 BUF4/70 BUF4/100 BUF4/140
Flow Rate(m³/hr) 0.35 0.7 1.0 1.4
No. Membrane Modules 1 2 3 4
Pump Type DDP50A DDP60 DDP65
kW 0.25 0.37 0.75
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm  1200x1100x1700   
Weight,kg  80 90 100 110